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Your private cars and commercial vehicles are most essential in your day to day operations which ensure timely accomplishment of tasks as well as timely delivery of your goods and services. Our motor comprehensive policies for private car as well as your various types of commercial vehicles ensure total financial protection in the event of accidental damages, fire, burglary/theft, etc., to your organisation’s vehicles. Additionally, they also provide cover for third party bodily injury/death as well as property damages.


Householder’s Insurance

Any irrecoverable loss or damage to your house can wipe out your lifetime earnings or savings within a fraction of time. Similiarly, any loss or damage to contents in your house, your personal effects, valuables, etc., can have a huge financial impact on you Our household comprehensive cover gives you that complete financial protection and peace of mind at all times.



Our individual personal accident cover compensates against death, permanent total disability, temporary total disability, medical expenses, etc., arising out of accidental bodily injuries. This is available at very competitive and affordable rates and is a worldwide cover and operates on a 24/7 basis as well.



This policy provides cover for emergency medical expenses whilst you are abroad on business or pleasure. In addition, this also provides cover for personal accident, loss of baggage, baggage delay, and a number of other travel related risks. This policy will also enable you obtain your visa to many countries where a competent medical policy to cover emergency medical expenses whilst you are there is mandatory.